Aaiún Nin

Aaiún Nin, geboren 1991 in Luanda, Angola. Ist Spoken Word und Mixes-Media Künstler*in und derzeit Stipendiat*in des PEN-Programms in Bern. «Broken Halves of Milky Sun» ist Nins im Jahr 2022 erschienenes Debüt.

Broken Halves of a Milky Sun
Broken Halves of a Milky Sun
Aaiún Nin
2022, Astra House

Black skin in the forsaken outback

of the world

both concrete and jungle

in varying states of decomposition

and men in a corner

ordering girls to smile

stiff with rigor mortis

all bones no flesh

girls in prim clothes

going to school

going to church

going to graveyards

in prim clothes.

Stone eyed

missing teeth

blueblack skin

huddled together

bathed in molestation.

The first dying.

In a mass grave

a blueblack shadow is born.

In a room smelling of kerosene lamps.

To women in their fourth dying

and men sitting outside drinking beer.


FR   16:00–17:00
Aaiún Nin